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  • Industry News  |  05.31.2018
    Argentine President Sees Deal With IMF in Next Few Days

    President Mauricio Macri said Argentina will reach a deal with the International Monetary Fund in the next few days.

  • Industry News  |  05.29.2018
    Argentine CEOs confident in the economy

    This was recorded by the latest edition of the Global CEO Outlook 2018 survey of the KPMG consultancy conducted at 1,300 CEOs of the world's leading companies in February and presented a few days ago. Among that total, 278 correspond to Latin America, and 50 are from Argentina in 11 sectors: administration, automotive, banks, consumer and retail, energy, infrastructure, insurance, health, production, technology and telecommunications.

  • Industry News  |  05.29.2018
    Coca-Cola Co to Increase Investments in Argentina

     BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Coca-Cola Co said on Tuesday it would increase its investments in Argentina over the next three years, giving embattled President Mauricio Macri's government a boost at a difficult time.

  • Industry News  |  05.25.2018
    How Mauricio Macri Ended Argentina's Currency Crisis

    Having endured his most difficult two weeks in office, President Mauricio Macri ended the week relieved after his economic team managed to take control of an ominous currency crisis that reminded many of the 2001-2 economic meltdown.

    It didn’t come easy for the Cambiemos (Let’s Change) coalition, with the Central Bank forced to put a big number of precious foreign reserves into play, while fractures emerged among government allies and general opinion polls showed continued dissatisfaction.

  • Press Releases  |  05.23.2018
    Algodon Fine Wines Announces New Arrival of United States Wine Shipment

    NEW YORK, May 23, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group, Inc. (OTCQB:VINO), a collection of luxury assets, real estate holdings and premium wines in Argentina, has fulfilled a restocking order for its portfolio of award-winning Malbec wines from its partner and East Coast distributor, Sherry-Lehmann Wine & Spirits, based on the success of its initial purchase order in 2017.

  • Industry News  |  05.18.2018
    Argentina is in the middle of an epic struggle to overturn historic nightmares

    For some weary observers the peso’s problems were a sign that Argentina is always just one step from crisis. For others it’s all part of the recovery. People underestimate the complexity of the balancing act that Argentina is carrying out. There will be swings in sentiment and twists in the road because it’s a tricky situation.

  • Industry News  |  05.16.2018
    Argentina: The primary fiscal deficit fell 44.6% in April

    The Argentine Government is not finding it easy to straighten the economy, but there are positive signs like this one. For the tenth consecutive month, resources expanded above expenses by more than 5 points. The deficit of the National Public Sector decreased 44.6% in April and in the first quarter it decreased 31.1% in relation to the same period of 2017, informed the Ministry of Finance.

  • Industry News  |  05.16.2018
    Foreign Minister Faurie launches multi-sector trade and investment mission to the UK

    Argentine Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie led celebrations at the Palacio San Martín marking the launch of the trade mission and investment seminar set to take place in London between 22 and 25 May, organised by the Embassy of Argentina in the UK in conjunction with the Cámara de Comercio Argentino-Británica (CCAB).

  • Industry News  |  05.14.2018
    Despite the drought, Argentine agro producers sold + grains than in 2017

    The official numbers published by the Ministry of Agribusiness on May 2 last, show that agricultural producers already sold 45.2% of their harvest against 31% in 2017, in a scenario of drought, rain and increases in the dollar. For grain producing entities, the responsibility that there is no foreign exchange income now belongs to the exporters.

  • Press Releases  |  05.11.2018
    Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group Partners with Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods for Distribution in South West Region of the United States

    NEW YORK, May 11, 2018 -- Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group, Inc. (OTCQB:VINO), a collection of luxury assets, real estate holdings and premium wines in Argentina, has partnered with Spec’s Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods, a well-known retailer in Texas, to expand distribution of Algodon Fine Wines’ portfolio of award-winning Malbec wines throughout the Southwest United States. 

  • Industry News  |  05.10.2018
    Statement from the Press Secretary on Argentina

    The United States supports the economic reform program of President Mauricio Macri of Argentina, which is market-oriented, growth-focused, and has improved Argentina’s future. President Macri has the right vision for the Argentine economy and has made important strides toward modernizing the country’s economic policy.

  • Press Releases  |  05.02.2018
    Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group Partners with Château de Messey for Distribution in France, Switzerland and Belgium

    NEW YORK, May 02, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group, Inc. (OTCQB:VINO), a collection of luxury assets, real estate holdings and premium wines in Argentina, has partnered with Château de Messey, a highly respected French vineyard and wine reseller, to expand distribution of Algodon Fine Wines’ portfolio of award-winning wines throughout France, Switzerland and Belgium.  Algodon wines have commenced selling on Château de Messey’s website here.

  • Industry News  |  04.20.2018
    Argentina: A cultural battle is needed to reduce inflation and increase investment

    The triumph of Cambiemos in 2015 represented a fundamental milestone for the lives of Argentines, a milestone of hope to reverse more than 50 years of populism in Argentina. But does the majority of Argentine society really want to reverse this decline? Are they willing to tolerate the sacrifices this implies?

  • Industry News  |  04.19.2018
    Time magazine names Macri among world's '100 most influential'

    President Mauricio Macri has been named by Timemagazine as one of the top 100 most influential people in the world.

  • Industry News  |  04.10.2018
    Argentina and China will build a nuclear plant for us$ 1,6 B less than the one signed by Cristina Kirchner

    After 5 Years of Negotiations, Argentina and China finally reached an agreement on the construction of the nuclear power plant Atucha III. The final deal contains a small detail, as the power station will cost us$ 1.6 billion less than initially expected to, when the deal was set by Cristina Kirchner’s government. The nuclear plant was calculated at a cost of us$ 7.4 billion (with some irregularities, a large amount of local costs which were not clear and needed to be adjusted) when the deal was reached by the former minister of production Julio de Vido. With the new agreement, and the station being built conjointly with China and Canada, the project will only cost us$ 5.8 billion.

  • Industry News  |  04.09.2018
    Argentina braces itself for the lithium market

    Certain provinces in Argentina, namely Catamarca, Jujuy, and Salta, have decided to play a bigger role in the lithium industry. The three provinces have teamed up in order to establish and regulate the workflow of mining companies in the country under a group aptly called the “lithium board.”

  • Industry News  |  04.03.2018
    Sam Zell and Goldman Sachs Invest in Argentine Real Estate

    A venture led by Sam Zell’s Equity International and Goldman Sachs (GS +0.95%) Group Inc. is investing more than $300 million in Argentine real estate, a vote of confidence in the economic overhaul being pursued by the three-year-old government of Mauricio Macri.

  • Industry News  |  04.03.2018
    Weekend with historical record: 2.4 M tourists in Argentina spent us$ 370 M

    Yesterday the best weekend in Argentine history ended with 2.4 million travelers moved by the country, expenses for more than us$ 370 million, according to measurements released by the Argentine Chamber of Medium-sized Companies. According to the CAME, so many people have never been mobilized on a holiday before and turned this Holy Weekend into "the best long weekend in history" for the sector. This represented a "strong increase" of about 122 million dollars over the previous year.

  • Industry News  |  03.28.2018
    Cargill, Bunge, Dreyfus, AGD, Cofco & Vicentín exported 66% of Argentine grains for us$ 25B

    Cargill leads the sales ranking, which among the 6 sold abroad 46.6 million tons, of the 80 million tons of grains and their industrial derivatives (flours, pellets, oils, biodiesel and other by-products) from the ports of Argentina in 2017. According to data from the Ministry of Agribusiness, Cargill dispatched 11.5 million tons of grains and derivatives (14% of the total); Cofco, 11 million (13%); Bunge, 8.7 million (11%); Dreyfus 7.9 million (10%); Aceitera General Dehesa (AGD), 7.3 million (9%); and Vicentín by 6.9 million tons (9%). 95% of the offices were in the hands of 15 companies and the 6 companies cited, Oleaginosa Moreno, Association of Argentine Cooperatives (ACA), Agro Mills, Federated Argentinian Farmers (AFA), Molino Cañuelas, CHS Argentina, Amaggi and Gear .

  • Press Releases  |  3/27/2018
    Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group Receives Deed Approvals for Algodon Wine Estates Lots

    Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group Receives Deed Approvals for Algodon Wine Estates Lots
    Algodon to Record First Lot Sale Revenues of Approximately $870,000

    NEW YORK, NY--(NEW YORK, NY--(March 27, 2018) - Algodon Wines & Luxury Development Group, Inc. (OTCQB: VINO), a real estate development brand with luxury lifestyle assets and premium wines in Argentina, today announced that it has received deed approval from the Cadastral Agency of Mendoza for certain Phase 1 lots on the Algodon Wine Estates property. All figures below are estimated in U.S. dollars, which are subject to currency fluctuations.

    Algodon Wine Estates, spanning four phases of development, includes approximately 350 planned lots ranging from .5 to 7 acres, with 97 lots from Phase 1 of the master plan currently available for private sale and development. Revenues for each lot sale can only be recognized once the lots are deedable and final deeds are delivered to the buyers. Certain of the Phase 1 lots on Algodon Wine Estates' property were deeded and sold to buyers, representing $870,000 in recognizable revenues in Q1 2018. As part of these deed approvals, Algodon successfully delivered on all infrastructure requirements for the property as specified by the Cadastral Agency of Mendoza.

    In Q2 2018, Algodon expects to be approved for deeding another 19 Phase 1 lots, and in the next 12 months, expects to deed the remainder of the 97 Phase 1 lots.

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